Michelle is a true professional caring pet sitter.  She stays overnight every month looking after a high needs, geriatric 15 year old Maltese, including hand feeding him.   Basil adores her and miss Gabbi. Highly recommended

Leisel Hickey

We have used Michele for the past two years.Our Dog Allie (a 2 year old Morkie) is in love with Michele and her little dog Gabby. Allie gets all excited when we tell her she is going to see Michele.She runs to get in the car and can’t wait to get out when we get there.We are very fortunate to have found someone who loves our pup the same way as we do. Whether it is a few hours or several days it is comforting to know Allie likes being there.
Some of Allie’s playtimes with Michele include long walks by the lake, swimming at Zilker park, playdates with other pups. and a bath if she gets dirty. She also teaches her tricks. During the day it is nice to get a picture of Allie with a text saying what they are doing that day.
Michele also keeps us informed if she notices a change in behavior, if she is not eating well or seems to be under the weather.
We highly recommend Michele, you will not be disappointed.
Debbie and Barry

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